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Since the dawn of life itself, greatness has risen, only for it to fall back into the dirt. When God birthed the universe, Eve disobeyed him, ate the fruit, and thrust humanity into a harsher world. When Egypt and Rome became bastions of civilized life, They succumbed to vice and stagnation, leading them down a path of ruin that proved irreparable. When the Chinese were the dominant world power, their homeland was destroyed by foreign forces and relegated to a feudal backwater.

Even now, at a time more significant than any other, greatness is destroyed. A soulless corporation has surpassed the most successful independent creator in the history of digital entertainment. The greatest live streaming website has become an inconsistently-moderated cesspool, too big to fail. The most prolific innovators in the field that John F. Kennedy pushed us toward, that we abandoned after winning the Cold War, are dismissed and ridiculed by petty, ill-intentioned fools. We use the greatest accumulation of knowledge in history to trick each other and satisfy our carnal urges. We surround ourselves with weakling after weakling in the vain hope that one day we will feel superior. We look in the mirror and hope to see a great person, but all we can see reflected is shame, cowardice, and a thin line of grease from the month-long binges of inconsequential filth. We are offered many opportunities, and we waste them. We are offered greatness, and we bring it to ruin.

Xenagogues across the ages have been ignored, as their wisdom became forgotten through the ages. The works of Ozymandias fall into disarray, time and time again. The masses were lead astray from the truth, and the world seemed to be ending. Prophets estimated its collapse would occur within years. Their foresight, both deemed reliable and wise, irrefutably diminished the hope of the populace.

Humanity has once again stumbled upon greatness, but this time, it is different. This time, the forces of corruption and decay are met with an unstoppable force of righteous innovation. This time, the human race will surpass its sin, foolishness, deceptive, and duplicitous nature. Humanity will start to become human again.

A new age awaits. A culmination of all that is good in this world now lies at our feet. A beacon shines once more. A light vanquishes the dreadful dark of night. It is here at the right time. Now, the human race has Vacparty and its Vac alternatives. The human race has glory everlasting with its support. We are finally saved.